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Finding hidden talent: Using VideoAsk in candidate outreach

Recruiting top talent can be a challenge, especially when seeking candidates who are not actively looking for new job opportunities. However, with VideoAsk, recruiters have a powerful tool to connect with potential candidates in a personalized, automated, and interactive way.

Check out the example below:

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Here are some tips to help you make the most of VideoAsk for your candidate outreach:

Personalize the experience

Start with an introduction step to greet your candidates and introduce yourself and your company. Use VideoAsk's overlay text feature and variables to personalize your message (without the need to record separate videos for each candidate) and address each candidate by name for an extra special touch. Use a Multiple-choice answer type and set up Logic so candidates can choose where to navigate next in your flow.

💡 Tip: Link back to previous steps in your videoask flow so candidates can explore the opportunity at their own pace and in their preferred order.

Showcase your company culture

Share your company's unique culture, values, and what it's like to work there. This will help candidates get a better understanding of your company and why they would want to join your team. If you work in an office, you could even give them a virtual office tour.

Introduce the team

Ask team members to record a short video message to introduce themselves and describe their roles and responsibilities. Include these video messages in your videoask to help candidates get to know the team and build a sense of connection. This can be a powerful way to make candidates feel welcome and help them envision themselves as part of the team.

Offer a sneak peek into the role

Provide a glimpse into the day-to-day tasks of the role and what kind of skills and experience the candidate would need to be successful. This can help candidates picture themselves in the position and become excited about the opportunity.

Request feedback

Ask candidates about their experience, what they're looking for in a job, and what their long-term career goals are. This feedback can then be used to tailor the recruitment process to top candidates' needs and interests. 

Provide career development opportunities

Use your videoask to showcase the training and development programs that are available to employees, and how these programs can help candidates achieve their career goals. This can be a significant draw for top talent who are looking for long-term career growth and development.

VideoAsk is a powerful tool for recruiters to connect with top talent and showcase why their company is the perfect fit for potential candidates. By providing a personalized experience, introducing the team, showcasing your company culture, offering a sneak peek into the job, gathering feedback, and highlighting career development opportunities, recruiters can attract top talent and help them see the value of joining their team.

💡 Tip: If you’re just starting out with VideoAsk, check out this article all about how to create your first videoask.

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